New Beginnings

I’ve got some exciting news…

As of today, we are opening the doors to Metastage, a company we’ve been quietly building for the past six months.



Metastage is a company that provides solutions for immersive creators, beginning with high end mixed reality (MR) volumetric capture.



My personal love affair with MR (or XR) began in January 2014 when I had my first experience at Sundance New Frontiers. Since then I’ve spent years on the front line as a creator in this emerging media space, producing projects in almost every vertical for all the major platforms. It has been the joy of my professional career. My colleagues and I worked tirelessly for our clients and for each other, united by a vision to make our digital experiences come alive with complete freedom of movement, to unlock this medium’s unlimited potential.



But we had a tough challenge.

Every time we wanted to create something amazing, it was a science project.



We didn’t have reliable and simple solutions to execute. We were using hacked-together tools built for another medium. This frustrated us as creators, and it also frustrated our clients — the bold brands, agencies and pioneers who invested in early MR. Everyone wanted to make something cool, not figure out how to make something cool. What we desperately need are easy solutions for the most important parts of our creative process. We don’t have the time or money to subcontract to another company to make the work for us; we just want a trusted source to vet all the available tools, and make them production ready.

This is the mission of Metastage.



Our goal is to curate MR solutions and make them accessible, reliably, so that creators from any field can place incredibly realistic people and objects into their immersive experiences with captures that feel authentic to the real thing.

We begin this journey with the incredible Mixed Reality Capture Studios team from Microsoft. Metastage is the first U.S. Partner for Microsoft’s volumetric capture system, which is a commercial ready solution for putting real actors and people into immersive experiences: to create human holograms. Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work with partners like experiential technology company Magnopus, who successfully integrated Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture into their Emmy Nominated Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab, among other projects.

FINAL_NewScreenshots (4).jpg


Integrating digital content with the physical world through CG rendering, device tracking, and display technology is rapidly maturing. Getting physical objects into the digital world, however, is much more challenging. Organic moving objects, such as people, who change over time and require more data and precise capture techniques.

For nearly eight years now, Microsoft has been developing the technology behind their Mixed Reality Capture Studios. The system is an end-to-end volumetric capture solution, with the ability to capture multiple people, animals or moving objects at a time, and outputs a high-quality 3D asset that maintains its fidelity even as a tiny compressed file. Kudos to them for figuring out this hard process. It is this quality and compression — the ability to get a great hologram into something that can easily stream and playback, along with the tools and pipelines to do post work — that makes the Microsoft system, in my opinion, the best tool for 3D volumetric capture on the market.



Metastage has built our capture system with top of the line everything: 106 12mp capable cameras, state of the art processing, and designed the system to be as versatile as possible for creators. 

We also made our stage look like a space ship. 



Moving forward, we plan to incorporate complementary cutting-edge tools and bring Metastage to other interested cities. I can’t wait to work with many of you as a friendly place for you to bring your visions to life, as easily as is technologically possible. Let’s create groundbreaking work together!

All my best,

Christina and the greater Metastage team

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