Antoine Cayrol

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work in collaboration with Metastage. Their workspace is very well-equipped and their expertise is unparallelled. Their extensive knowledge and mastery of volumetric capture techniques situates them as one of the top choices in the industry. We spent a single day of shooting onsite at Metastage and the guidance of their team members was integral to the success we had working within such a short timeframe. Their staff was able to coach us, even well in advance, about every detail including what materials to use for our actor’s costumes and props to ensure a high definition recording. In addition, they were able to get back to us with the required deliverables well within the timeline required for our production process. We are very satisfied with their work and happily recommend them to any other parties seeking to create high quality experiences that utilize volumetric capture.

Atlas V is a production studio located in Paris, France that specializes in high-end Virtual Reality experiences."

  • Antoine Cayrol / Atlas V

Christina Heller